Deep Third Person Point-Of-View

What if you want to write a story with a personal, emotional and introspective point of view? You would have two basic choices: First person: The heat of the dragon’s breath warmed my face, increasing the pounding in my chest. Deep 3rd person: The heat of the dragon’s breath warmed his face, increasing the pounding in his chest. Before the 1980’s (prior to deep POV acceptance) the second option would …

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Five Lessons from NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo seemed intimidating. Until last month, I’d only written short stories. How could a hack like me possibly write a 50,000-word novel in 30 days? What if my story is pathetic? Can’t they schedule this for a month without a major US holiday? Many of my writer friends were participating, but I heard my mother’s voice from beyond the grave. “If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you …

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Word Processor for Novels

The best word processor is the one that connects your brain directly to the page. Alas, that’s not something speculative fiction writers can purchase, yet. If you are writing a novel, use a tool appropriate to the job. Any word processor works well for the first scene, but what about: backing up automatically editing, spell checking and grammar checking shuffling scenes moving chapters making a table of contents using sections …

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Starting Points for Planning Your Novel and More

Why plan a story before writing? Because planning tremendously decreases the time needed to edit the story later. The planning process and depth are different for every author. However, there are some good starting points: Don’t make the planning process painful Do give yourself down-time to let the subconscious mind generate ideas Start with the big picture — the story world — what is it like? sight, sound, smell, taste …

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Sentence Variation

Ever wonder how some authors create flowing prose? They do it with a variety of sentences having different beginnings, different constructions and different lengths. This does not come naturally to all authors, but the techniques can be learned. Begin by collecting data from your own writing — take a page and make a list of sentence beginnings, length and narrative type. Edit your work as needed: the key is to …

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Calling All Spec Fic Writers

Welcome to the new Spec Fic Writers Blog. We are just moving in, but there will be many awesome posts to come on writing and critiquing speculative fiction. We are a critique group of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers.