Code of Conduct

  1. Critiques, literary criticism and editing should be focused on the written word, not the author, and should be delivered in the spirit of education with appreciation of the effort behind the writing process.
  2. Speculative fiction may be shocking, irreverent, impossible, or disregard social norms. However, if a work contains potentially offensive material, the author should warn those asked to critique or edit the work. 
  3. Members may decline to critique or edit offensive material.
  4. Avoid improper use of the Club’s membership information.
  5. Do not share membership information, Members writings, or critique materials with anyone outside of the Club unless approved by the authoring Member or as required for internal business purposes or by law.
  6. Avoid behavior that damages the reputation of the Club or other Members.
  7. Harassing, discriminatory, or violent acts are not allowed.
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