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About Speculative Fiction Writers Association

We are an online group of speculative fiction authors writing science fiction, fantasy, horror, time travel, climate fiction/solar-punk, slipstream, steampunk, weird west, fairy tales, alternate history, dystopian/utopian, cyberpunk, etc. for MG, YA, and adults.


We meet Tuesdays at 6pm MT/8pm ET on Zoom to discuss current writing topics and critique each other’s work. We are always open to new members of all ability levels.


We have a private Discord server where we discuss current events, publishing opportunities, author conferences, marketing, and publishing issues.

Join Us

Please sit in and audit a session. Meet members and see how our group works. Contact us to schedule a Tuesday that works for you.

Recent Blog Posts

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Writing Contests

Submission Slammers

I write short stories. The investment is light, the turnaround is fast, and with every story, I feel my writing improves. While many members of Speculative Fiction Writers are developing novel-length manuscripts, short stories provide an excellent creative break. It might be just what you need to get unblocked. To …

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Movie Review

Film Review: Damsel

Warning: Contains Spoilers The Setup Actress Millie Bobby Brown, as the titular heroine Elodie, lives in an impoverished country with her non-royal family. She narrates the movie, and describes herself as a damsel in distress who cannot depend on a knight in shining armor, and must rescue herself from imminent …

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Embrace the Future of Web Images

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, the importance of optimizing your website for speed and performance cannot be overstated. As an author, your website is your digital storefront, and the images you use play a crucial role in engaging your audience. Enter WebP, a modern image format that promises to revolutionize …

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Writing Tips

Cultivating Our Author’s Voice

What is an author’s voice, and how can we cultivate it? An author’s voice is the unique way we share and express our story, using an imaginative framework of words to develop characters, settings, ideas, and emotions. A cultivated writer’s voice immerses readers in the story, making them feel like …

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Writing Tips

Speculative Fiction and Nightmare Rescripting

In one of my recurring nightmares years ago, I walked through the barracks at Air Force basic training while nondescript men leered at me. I ran but found no way out. I froze in terror and rage as they assaulted me. The Science According to researchers, approximately 2-8% of adults …

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Book Reviews

Book Review: Iron Flame by Rebecca Yarros

This much-awaited sequel to Rebecca Yarros’ Fourth Wing entitled Iron Flame was released November 7, 2023. Early special editions include “sprayed” black page edges. The book’s blurblet cover tagline reads: “Burn. It. Down.” Fourth Wing won most major awards, so this book was highly anticipated. Trilogy Theme The trilogy focuses …

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