Pick a Date to Audit

We appreciate your interest in auditing one of our critique sessions.  At the bottom of this page is a form to set up an audit.  Make sure to click on SUBMIT. We will get back to you by email so you know we received your request.


If you have not read the overview of our group please click here.  In a nutshell, you attend the meeting with Zoom, introduce yourself, meet the participants, watch the participants present critiques (about 6 min each) and also pay attention to the author receiving the critique — see how they react to criticism (hopefully with a smile and a thank you).  See what points about plot, characters or story logic enter the discussion.  Usually, the next day you will receive an email for your feedback and to ask if you want to join the group.


The sessions are done with Zoom video conferencing.  Your computer will need a USB camera and a microphone.  Some cameras contain a microphone, but we find a separate mike is better.  If your location lacks privacy or has background noise, you might consider a USB headset.  


If you are not familiar with Zoom, here are some tutorials that should help.  

A free Zoom account can be downloaded and tested with a friend — that way you can be sure your equipment will work.  It’s absolutely no fun to try to make equipment work at the last moment.  

Before the day you select to audit, we will send you an invitation that will include a meeting ID and a passcode.  Five or ten minutes before the meeting, start  Zoom using this URL:  https://zoom.us/join  Enter the ID and passcode as requested.  You will be connected to a “waiting room” where there is usually a slight wait.  Make sure your microphone and video are turned on.  Expand the zoom window so you can see all the participants.  If you are not presenting, it’s best to mute the microphone (don’t forget to turn it on when needed).