Wendy Spurlin & Paul Martz Featured on the RMFW Podcast: Lessons Learned Hiring a Book Cover Designer

To all our fellow writers out there, especially the unpublished ones, our group wanted to share a few lessons learned about hiring a book cover designer for our First Encounters anthology. Paul Martz and I reached out to Mark Stevens, author and host of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers (RMFW) Podcast, as a means of getting the word out, and below is our discussion on the topic.

We shared some of the headaches we encountered, hoping other writers will understand the steps required to find a cover artist, draw up a legal agreement, keep the artist focused, and pay a fair fee for the work completed. One of the most important thing to understand is that creating the artwork, and all the other technicalities that go with it, is not something every artist can do. Listen and learn more.

We also discussed the First Encounter anthology and all the amazing stories that are now available in bookstores including: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and GoodReads. Hop on over a purchase your copy today.

First encounters. We wait for, dread, or stumble upon them. First encounters with the unknown call forth exciting stories full of magic, horror, humor, and suspense. What happens when aliens, fantastical creatures, or strange objects in the sky interrupt ordinary life? This collection offers ten original stories full of mysterious happenings including: an alien attempts to save earth, a voodoo clarinet grants wishes, time travel for human sperm collection, a love-obsessed scientist creates his own reality, the ghost of Jimmy Hoffa offers sage advice, an alien visits the supermarket, a cruel merchant faces feral vampires, an aspiring writer encounters an invading triangle, dragons capture an ancient couple, and a colony ark crashes on a hostile planet. Join the journey with these unsuspecting characters and discover if they learn from their encounters or suffer a tragic fate.

2 thoughts on “Wendy Spurlin & Paul Martz Featured on the RMFW Podcast: Lessons Learned Hiring a Book Cover Designer”

  1. Great podcast! The artist did a wonderful cover for speculative fiction. Paul’s description of a man walking out of a cave into the light hit the nail on the head.


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